Sources of Funding for Startups in Australia

By Cheryl Mack

A list of lists. All the different investor & sources you can join in Australia.

Disclaimer: Please note this list may not be accurate or complete, some programs may no longer be available or may have changed since this list was published. This is not meant to be regarded as advice or endorsement of any organisation listed.

Last updated: April 2022

Investor Syndicates

(A syndicate is a group of investors that invest together as one entity on a cap table, the syndicate lead, listed below, picks the deal and does the DD. Investors must be wholesale to join.)

  • Aussie Angels - Find private lead-investor syndicates you can connect with in Australia & NZ

  • Archangel - Early stage investment syndicate based in Australia

  • Brisbane Angels - provides emerging companies with seed and startup capital

  • Enterprise Angels - Early stage tech investments & angels member group - New Zealand

  • Flying Fox Ventures - Early stage tech investment syndicate

  • EnergyLab - Angel syndicate for cleantech startups

  • Jelix Ventures - Fund-led syndicated investments into early stage Australian tech startups

  • Melbourne Angels - Community of peers investing together in the future of Melbourne

  • New South Angels - Syndicated investments into UNSW Founders startups

  • Perth Angels - A passionate community investing in Australian Startups

  • Scale Investors - Network of angel investors, syndicating investments in female founders

  • Sun Coast Angels - provides emerging companies with seed and startup capital

  • Sydney Angels - Not-for-profit angel syndicate investment membership organisation

  • Ten13 - Syndicated investment platform for investors co-invest w Transition Level Investments

Angel Networks & Groups

(Angel networks & groups, often co-invest but do not have the structure in place to invest as one entity, they often share deals and advice among members)

Investor Directories - Australia/NZ

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms

  • AgCrowd - Agriculture and energy

  • Billfolda - Follow-on investments only, get access to their SaaS platform for listing

  • Birchal - Consumer brands

  • Equitise - Early-stage & growth technology companies

  • Enable Funding - Early-stage ventures

  • Impactor - Impact investing; climate change, sustainable supply chain, clean ocean, diversity

  • OnMarket - Wide variety of deals, early & growth stage businesses

  • VentureCrowd - Investor-led deals only, in early-stage, real estate & alternative investments

Listing Platforms

  • Angel Partners - platform connecting Angels to vetted deal flow & education 

  • Wholesale Investor - Connect with angels, family offices & high-net worth investors

  • KapVista - platform for private opportunities showcasing emerging companies to investors

  • Snowball Effect - includes public, private, & wholesale investor offers, & raising assistance

Corporate Venture Capital Funds

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Global Investor Databases

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