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The Capital Raising Journey

Start by understanding the journey you're seeking to embark on. Take a look at the timeline below. This is an overview of the capital raising journey and what you'll need along the way.

It might seem like a lot, but don't get discouraged. You don't necessarily need everything. The earlier you are, the less you need.

Keep in mind, your top 3 priorities on this journey are:

  1. Finding the right investor(s) for your business

  2. Securing the right amount of money for your next stage of growth

  3. Getting the right valuation for the stage you're at

Reference Guides (read these)

If you're just getting started or this is your first time raising capital, I highly recommend you take some time to sit down and read these. I know, reading is hard when there's so much to do! You'll thank me later.

Preparing to raise capital?

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Document Templates & Guides (copy these)

As you know from the diagram above, there's a few things you're going to need along the way. It's best to have them ready before you start seriously talking to investors. Otherwise you'll just end up slowly things down.

Get free personalised feedback on your investor deck

Send me your investor pitch deck and I'll review it and give you feedback.

Seed Financing Documents (use these)

Standardisation across the industry has brought much needed certainty to early-stage deals. Below you'll find templates for the SAFE note, shareholders agreement, IP assignment deed, subscription agreement, & more.

Mack's Resources

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