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If you're just getting started and want to learn about angel investing, this is all the important things you need to know and do, in one place.

Hi! I'm Cheryl... I work with angel investors to help them write their first cheque.

I've invested in 20+ companies, 5 funds, and counting! I manage an angel syndicate on Aussie Angels. I run an angel networking group with over 400 investors. I'm a Venture Partner at Black Nova Ventures. I've also helped 100's companies successfully raise capital.

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What's included:

10-Step Guide to Getting Set up as an Angel Investor + The Simple Guide to Tax Benefits & Regulations for Angel Investors.

Templates you can use and reference, including: Startup evaluation template, SAFE note, deal note, questions to ask, & more.

30-min webinar with an overview of different types of early-stage investing in Australia & guidance for where to get great deal flow. Plus introductions to deal flow sources if you want them!

Lifetime access to a calendar of Demo Days & Pitch Nights in Australia (I track & add the events), so you'll never have to worry about missing one.

Two one-on-one sessions (1 hour each) with me, Cheryl Mack (if you're in Sydney and we're allowed, we can even do one in person!) to go through all the questions you have.

BEST OF ALL: Access to see all my deal flow.

I get about 500+ deals a year, you'll be able to see what I see.

Note: after the first year the cost is $300/year for ongoing access.

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What other angels have to say

"I love investing alongside Cheryl, she's one of the most helpful people to have in your court. She's a super connector and has helped me get into hot deals."

– Brendan Hill, Super Angel & co-founder of 361 Angel Club


– Rayn "The Signal" Ong

"Cheryl's energy was absolutely contagious and magnetic and I loved her way of thinking and how she approaches her investments. Really good food for thought".

– Rae, Startmate First Believers participant

"So much gold in that session. From what Cheryl has done, it's clear that adding value to startups attracts founders. Loved the question 'how can I be helpful?'. Her openness and energy was really inspiring."

– Caleb, Startmate First Believers participant

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Disclaimer: These materials are meant to help you on your journey as an angel investor, based on information and knowledge I've collected on my journey. It is not business, legal, or financial advice in any way. I am in no way guaranteeing any chance of return. By accepting my service you acknowledge the risks involved with angel investing and agree I take no responsibility if you lose money on a deal or become addicted to the startup world.

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